On To Surgery

Ok… on to part 2.  Surgery.       (Click here to catch up.)

At this point we had been in the hospital 2 nights.  It’s a little blurry but if I remember correctly we had been cleared to start giving her some pedialyte at this point.  We were desperately trying to keep the IV in, but it was proving REALLY difficult with those chubby baby arms.  It finally went bad the night before so we were supplementing with 1oz/hour of pedialyte…. it was heartbreaking.

The day of surgery

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April Showers…

…lead to May flowers… ummm maybe not for us… but hopefully it will lead to maybe some answers?

A lot of the people who know us know that we’ve had a rough 2 months.  Life for us has DRASTICALLY changed and we are dealing with things I would have never imagined 2.5 months ago.  In fact I thought we would still be riding a post-vacation high from a trip to Costa Rica right about now… nope.  Instead we’re trying to get back to normalcy after our (P’s) 3rd hospitalization in the last 2 months.

So unfair to this little nugget.

So unfair to this little nugget.

For those who don’t know, have questions but don’t want to ask, or for other families going through something similar, or for the spam bots who want to add useless comments on my pictures, here’s what we’ve gone through over the last 2 months.  At the very least I will have it for my records since everything has kind of been a blur.

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Happy National Running Day

Sorry for the long hiatus!  We’ve been so busy and I have a back log of posts to finish (I literally have like 5 drafts that I’m working on).   Anyways, right now I’m having some real yearnings to be training for something, or more specifically I’m super bummed out that I won’t be running Hood to Coast this year!  What day more appropriate to address this than National Running Day.

Normally at this point in the year I’ll have run a few races and Jordan and I would be starting our training for our 4th year of Hood to Coast – but nope; instead of weekend long runs and quick 4 milers together a few nights of the week we are building cribs.  Obviously since the reason I won’t be running Hood to Coast is that I’ll be having a baby 3 weeks beforehand makes the sting not so bad, but until Peyton gets here I will continue to be really jealous of all the runners I’m seeing!

Hood to Coast 2015

Before I get in to all of my post-baby training plans I need to explain why Hood to Coast might be my favorite weekend of the year.  Jordan and I ran it for the first time in 2013, 2 weeks before our wedding, and again in 2014 & 2015… and hopefully we’ll be back in 2017!

Our goal is to run every leg at some point, so far we’re 3 down 9 to go.  I have run the 3rd leg (2013), 1st leg (2014) and 6th leg (2015), 6 has been my favorite so far, but coming down off of mountain hood for leg 1 is a really cool experience.  Jordan has run leg 1 (2013), leg 3 (2014) & leg 4 (2016), he said that his favorite has been 1 so far.

I’m really bummed we won’t be running on my friends team again this year (Chafing the Dream), since it was so fun last year and we had an awesome van.  Even with a crazy, freak wind storm at the beach, makeshift finish line and no beach party, it was a great experience.

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Post-Baby Plans | Races & Training

I am so anxious to get back in to a routine.   I know a lot of pregnant women continue to run throughout their pregnancy and I am amazed by them – it was just not in the cards for me.   I ran through a good amount of the first trimester until we got knocked out by the flu, after that I tried to get back on the wagon and it was the most uncomfortable thing in the world for me!  So I’ve been on a long hiatus since January/February.

I am really excited to get back to training for a goal after little P joins us though!  Tentatively here are my VERY ambitious post-baby run/training plans!

Nov 2016 | ORRC Turkey Trot (4 miles) or Sherwood Give n’ Gobble (5k or 10K)

Dec 2016 | Holiday Half & 5k

Feb 2017 | Heartbreaker Half/10K/5k

Apr 2017 | Bend Marathon & Half

June 2017 | Helvetia Half & 10k 

July 2017 | Foot Traffic Flat Half and/or Fueled By Fine Wine Half

Aug 2017 | Hood to Coast and maybe Destination Oregon Wine Country Half

Sept 2017 | Portland Marathon

Also, since it’s national running day the Rock N’ Roll marathon series is having a huge sale on their registrations for races!  Check it out here.  I would absolutely be signing up for at least one of these (probably Arizona)  if I wasn’t so uncertain about what kind of schedule I will have come this fall.

Anyone have any advice for post-partum running?  How long did it take for you to get back to your regular training distances/pace/etc?

Happy Wednesday!


2nd Trimester Essentials

Now that I’m officially in to the third trimester I’m going to share all of the things that have helped me survive up until this point.  I definitely had the 2nd trimester “honey moon” phase that a lot of people described to me, but there have still been a lot of items that have helped keep me comfortable for the last 3 – ish months.

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