New Addition

Today I FINALLY posted our long overdue pregnancy announcement!  I had planned to take a photo with the adorable heart onsie while Jordan & I were all dressed up for the World Forestry Center Gala at the beginning of the month, but we both got laid out with terrible illnesses, so finally today I got fed up and made due with the chalkboard we have in our office.


When I say long overdue I mean it too – I’m almost halfway through the pregnancy.  Oops!  We found out back before Thanksgiving which was great timing.  We were able to tell our immediate families on the holiday, and then were lucky enough to have our first ultrasound right before Christmas.  So all of the extended family members that were out of the loop got a surprise at our big Christmas Eve party!


 They helpfully labled the baby for us just in case we got confused I guess…
I am seriously so behind on getting this blog up to date too.  I have slacked off majorly and have a nice little list going of all of the updates I need to add here, and what better place to start than with our exciting news!  We actually already know the gender too, and have a name picked out that we’re both obsessed with, but I’ll share all of that in due time.
I also happened to run the Las Vegas Half Marathon literally the week before we found out.  Next week I’ll post a long overdue (that seems to be theme) recap of the race and our long Vegas weekend!
I’m thrilled to be sharing this awesome experience with you, and all of the fun adventures that our little family goes on along the way!

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