10 Mother’s Day Ideas

Apr, 26, 2018

I can’t believe it’s the last week of April… I feel like it was January 5th just yesterday.

I was filling out the calendar in my office today for the month of May and a) can’t believe we have something going on literally every weekend and b) that mother’s day is so close!  For me Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have always been holidays that I start thinking about in advance… but then somehow they sneak up on me and I have to scramble to decide on what to do/get my parents or try to remember what I had decided on a few months ago that I’m sure was a great idea but for some reason is lost now in my mom brain (at least I have that excuse now 🙂 ).  I also appreciate Mother’s Day so much more now that I’m a Mother myself… I mean, I appreciated it before, but it’s just different when you’re also a Mom.

Thanks for making me a Mom P! – This photo is from our day at the Tulip farm which is amazing by the way.

Over the last few years I’ve been trying to be really thoughtful about the gifts I give for holidays or birthdays.  I feel like for the most part anyone I am giving a gift to is an adult and probably either has or could go out and buy anything that they realllly want.  I also feel like, at the end of the day, experiences or meaningful items that get daily use or enjoyment mean more.  C’mon, you know, everyone has gifts they either don’t want, regift, or in a year or two forget was a gift and throw in the goodwill box without a second thought.

So with that in mind, here are my 10 ideas for a Mother’s Day that your Mom will seriously appreciate.

10 Meaningful Mother’s Day Ideas

1.  Breakfast in Bed or Brunch

If you happen to still live at home, or if you are the husband helping little ones give their Mom some love (*cough* Jordan *cough*) breakfast in bed is a great idea!  I certainly would love waking up to a hot coffee, warm breakfast, and baby snuggles on Sunday morning… which I’m sure would be followed by Moana for the 850th time.  If you don’t live at home anymore invite your Mom over for a nice brunch, you could even pick up a bunch of store bought pastries and have a beautiful morning.  OR if you don’t want to have to clean up or prepare, you can always take Mom out to brunch somewhere… just remember a million other people also have that idea so make a reservation.

Here are 3 deliciously sweet breakfast/brunch recipes to try:

1-Hour Cinnamon Rolls – I developed a strong love of cinnamon rolls when I was pregnant and it hasn’t gone away yet.  These have been a staple at our house and as a pot luck dish; so easy and delicious!

Coconut French Toast – I’m obsessed with this.  It makes me feel like I’m in Hawaii; which is where I would always rather be.

Dutch Baby Pancake – I love Dutch Babies or German Pancakes.  My grandma used to make them for me occasionally and it was always a treat to have!  The linked recipe is for the Dutch Baby from Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings cookbook, but this one with lemon curd and blueberries looks amazing too!

And if you’re heading out to Brunch in Portland these are the only spots my Mom will ever agree to go for Brunch:

Gracie’s – her fave by far!

Brix –  convinced her to go here because they bring you warm donuts as a brunch appetizer

Isabel’s – my fave – their coconut french toast is heaven – so she will go if we went to Gracie’s last time

Tasty ‘n Alder – convinced her to go here once (again with bribery of Donuts), but it is amazing (also Tasty ‘n Sons since same restaurant, different location)

2. A Framed Photo

If you have a great photo of your wife with your kids, or of you and your Mom, or of your Mom & her Grandkids – frame that!  I guarantee she will love it.  I personally will be framing the picture below for my Mom.  It also means a ton to me – it’s the person who is my Mother, who I love so much and who taught me how to be a good Mom, and the girl who made me a Mom!  (Mom if you’re reading this – act surprised)

3. Generations Photo Session

This is what I’m doing with my mom this year and I am so excited!!!  Kind of a step up from giving a framed photo.  Our favorite local photographers, Stark Photography (they did our wedding and our family photos when P was born), offer a really cool Mother’s Day portrait session.  My mom and I can’t wait for this.  It’s not on Mother’s Day, it’s the weekend before with the idea you will have a beautiful print to give the following weekend on the day.  The Starks are all booked up for their sessions but if you have a photographer you love to use you can always reach out and set up this type of session with them!  If you’re local I also recommend Heather & Jared Photography, Jessica Hill Photography, Mosca Studio & Erica Ann Photography.   We are so excited that we will have some beautiful pictures of our 3 generations and I know my mom will cherish the photos of her & P for years.

4.  Mani/Pedi

Always a solid choice.  Schedule a mani/pedi date with your Mom at a local nail salon.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a dude – guys can enjoy pedicures too!  Just don’t get any polish and you’ll get to enjoy an awesome foot massage, and I’m sure you’re Mom will think it’s great if not hilarious.  If you want to try something a little different and you live in the Portland area try The Barefoot Sage.  They have multiple different package options, but basically you sit on super plush couches that are elevated on platforms while you get a foot soak and foot massage.  My mom and I love to do this for special occasions and if you are pregnant (or you’re a guy trying to think of something to give your pregnant wife) this is AMAZING!

5.  Monthly Flower Delivery

I love having fresh flowers in the house.  It just makes me feel like I have everything  little bit more pulled together.  Recently I’ve been ordering most of my bouquets from The Bouqs, I’ll start getting more from the Farmer’s Markets now that the weather is nicer and we’ll start going to those again.  Anyways, The Bouqs has a great option for a subscription.  You can gift your Mom a new delivery every month (for 20% the regular Bouq cost), and if she’s going out of town you can always postpone or skip a delivery so she won’t come home to dead flowers.  Plus, with this one, she’ll think of what a great child you are every month when her beautiful flowers arrive! – Get 35% off for new customers here!! 

A Bouqs delivery for Peyton’s Birthday

6.  Plants That Bloom Annually

This is an idea similar to monthly flowers.  Get your Mom a plant/tree/bush that either will live year round, or bloom annually.  It will be a fun for her to watch it grow or bloom year after year and will also remind her about how much you appreciate her.

7.  Wine Tasting

If you’re local to Oregon, or live somewhere that has a great wine country (Washington, Napa Valley…), take your Mom or Mother of your children wine tasting!  Most Mom’s are big wine fans, and now that the weather is starting to get nice there is no better way to spend a weekend than visiting beautiful winery tasting rooms, drinking good wine, and enjoying the beautiful Oregon scenery.  These are our favorite winery’s to visit when we’re out in the Dundee area:

Erath – Wine club members here!  Their Pinot is our fave.

Ponzi – We took my Mom here for Mother’s Day brunch 3 years ago.  The venue is spectacular (see below)

Argyle – their new(ish) tasting room is beautiful

Hazelfern – the best Rosé

Annnd of course since sometimes you just want to go to the store and get your Mom something nice, the last 3 are Kathy Cooney approved gifts!

8.  Capri Blue Candle

I love the Capri Blue candles from Anthropologie.  In fact, I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t want their home to smell like an Anthro store.  These candles are great gifts.  I have a few in our home, as well as a diffuser of the same scent, but oh lord I want to find a way to justify the colossal version!  Anthropologie also sells Voluspa and some great seasonal candles as well.  I have a few of each and I burn them often to make our house smell like spring!


9.  Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

These cardigans are the softest, buttery-est cardigans ever.  I have 4 + the travel shawl 🤭.  I also got my Mom one for Christmas last year and she said she had been hoping for one.  It may be a weird time of year for it since it’s getting warm out, but I love throwing one on in the morning over my jammies.  Snuggling up in this on our patio with a cup of coffee is the best on crisp spring/summer mornings.

10.  Body Lotion/Beauty Items

Body lotion or items for your Mom to pamper herself should also be a hit.  Just make sure to get her something nice in a smell that she would like.  I mean if she just likes thick, non-scented lotion for sensitive skin (Hi Kath!) pick her up some CeraVe from Walgreens, but for pampering some of these might be a better option:


1 more!

I totally forgot… this one is a great gift to give your mom, a mom, or yourself (if you’re a Mom).

I freaking love the products from Strong As A Mother Club.  I have the black on black tank and I wear it all the time.  I usually wear mine when exercising with P or during races (post Hood to Coast below!).  It’s a fun reminder that Mom’s are strong and badass, no matter what you’re doing!


What are you doing for your Mom if you already have something planned?  Any other great ideas I missed?

Erin Phillips


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    April 27, 2018

    Really great blog post. Going to actually use #2 thanks for sharing

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    April 27, 2018

    These are such great ideas!!!

  3. Elle Gee

    April 27, 2018

    Such great ideas! Might have to share this with the hubs 😂

  4. Corwy

    April 27, 2018

    These are great ideas that are outside the box. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kailey

    April 27, 2018

    Love these ideas!

  6. Sarsha Bryant

    April 27, 2018

    So many great ideas for my mum, I like the cari suggestion, as it is winter now where mum lives!

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