2nd Trimester Essentials

May, 10, 2016
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Now that I’m officially in to the third trimester I’m going to share all of the things that have helped me survive up until this point.  I definitely had the 2nd trimester “honey moon” phase that a lot of people described to me, but there have still been a lot of items that have helped keep me comfortable for the last 3 – ish months.

2nd Trimester Must Haves

  1.  Coffee! – After spending my first trimester gagging at the thought of a cup of coffee I was thrilled when it finally sounded good to me again.  Especially coming off of a minimum 2 cup a day habit prior to getting pregnant.  Now I have a black coffee in the morning & a decaf in the afternoon if I’m having a craving.  I got J this Keurig for his birthday in April and now I have no idea why we waited so long to get one of these magical machines.
  2. The Snoogle – Another magical invention that I don’t know how I have spent so long without.  I got this when I started having some aches in my back (14ish weeks) and I don’t know how I would sleep at this point if I hadn’t gotten it!  It is heavenly.
  3. Bellaband – I guess I would call myself lucky since I didn’t really have to start worrying about maternity clothes until I was pretty far in to my pregnancy.  I think I started using this at around 19/20 weeks – and that was just b/c my jeans were getting a little bit tight.  At this point I am fighting as hard as possible to avoid buying any maternity clothing since I would really only get 10 or less weeks use out of it.  The bellaband helps me with this stubbornness since it means I can still wear all of my normal jeans/pants and hides the fact that I just don’t zip them up!
  4. Comfortable T-shirt Dresses – Thankfully we’re transitioning to summer weather in Portland since I’m really over wearing pants.  I have both of the dresses above, a Splendid jersey dress & a Michael Stars ruched v-neck dress, both non-maternity.  They are so comfortable and so flattering!  And they’re easy to dress-up if you need to
  5. Dry Skin Relief – I was waiting and waiting for my skin to take a turn for the worse at some point during pregnancy.  I had read stories about women who ended up with crazy acne all over & oily skin that they never had before.  Welp, I ended up with the opposite of that.  My skin has gotten so dry.  I’ve found that using a non-soap based cleanser like Cetaphil and a SUPER hydrating face cream (I use this one from Bobbi Brown) has helped a lot.  I used to use barely any of that moisturizer since it was SO hydrating/creamy, now I use it twice a day!
  6. Belly Butter – I know they say that stretch marks are genetic and that there is no magic cream that will prevent them.  Well I wasn’t going to sit back and test that theory.  Who knows if this stuff has actually helped me avoid getting the dreaded stretch marks, but so far none have popped up!  Plus see dry-skin issues above – I was not going to rub that fancy face cream all over my stomach.
  7. Slippers – I got these slippers around the holidays.  I don’t know that there is much to do with pregnancy that they’ve helped with – I just love wearing comfy slippers around the house.
  8. A Water Bottle – I’ve never had any issue with making sure I drink enough water, probably part of that is due to the insane number of water bottles that I have from my time as a trainer.  Even though I have a bunch of water bottles this S’well one is my favorite – plus they give back to UNICEF to help provide access to safe drinking water in vulnerable communities around the world.
  9. Free People Halter Bras – so first of all I hate bras right now.  They are just the worst.  None of my normal ones have fit me for months which is stupid.  Luckily I bought in big time to the lacy bralette trend starting last summer because these and low-impact sports bras are all that I’ve been wearing.  Plus they’re pretty.
  10. Leggings –  Even through I currently hate pants, leggings don’t count.  While all leggings are amazing currently I live in these ones from Koral Activewear.  Super helpful when I need to look a little dressed up but the idea of pants makes me want to cry.  I bought these before I got pregnant and love that I can still wear them now!  I also love these ones from Love Surf when I can be more casual and for workouts.
  11. Vitamins – Duh.  You’re told every way possible how important it is to take pre-natals before & during pregnancy.  Well the giant horse pills I was taking before I got pregnant made me feel terrible once I actually was pregnant (due to the iron content) – these gummies are like little treats!  Plus they don’t make me feel sick – but you do need to make sure to supplement your iron still!!
  12. Maternity Jeans – the only true maternity item that I have purchased besides the Bellabands.  I got super lucky and found a pair of these Paige maternity jeans on amazon.com for like $65 compared to the original $189, so seriously shop around for things like this!  I just refuse to pay that much for something that I won’t wear for more than 5 months.  They have come in handy though and they feel like pajamas.
  13. Exercise! – I have online accounts with both YogaGlo & Barre3 Online and I love them.  Both companies have great pre & post-natal workouts.  I would be lost without them since I haven’t run during pregnancy (not for lack of trying, it just did not feel right).  The low-impact workouts are a nice change from pretty much everything I have ever done and I love that it doesn’t make me feel lazy.

Honorable Mention:  Cinnamon Rolls, Strawberry Lemonade, Mexican Food & Frosted Lemonades from Chik Fil A – because I want to eat these things all of the time, at least my cravings aren’t pickle juice?

I’ll actually be curious what things help me during this last trimester vs. the second since I definitely can already tell the difference in how I feel!

Here’s to the home stretch (10 weeks!…I think)




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