Travel Baby Shower Decor

A Travel Baby Shower

Jun, 07, 2018
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It’s baby shower central over here!

Travel baby shower decor - H and frame

We threw another baby shower for one of our other closest friends last Saturday.  This shower was a loosely travel themed shower for our friend and her soon-to-be little girl!  It was another fairly small shower, but I like those the best!  I feel like you get more time to connect with your friend(s) and actually chat; versus making small talk with a lot of people in a limited amount of time.  Plus, it’s always a little more fun to plan food for smaller groups.  It’s easier to get/make more options, and less risk of running out!

baby shower brunch

The Food & Décor

For the food we (my friend Laura and I) did a pretty simple breakfast.  I made coffee, tropical iced tea, and had mimosa options for drinks.  Laura brought 2 delicious quiches – 1 that was gluten free and 1 that was vegetarian.  I didn’t try the vegetarian one but the other one was delicious!  We also set out a wide variety of fruit, a little yogurt bar with berries and granola, a variety of doughnuts, and a fruit tart.

For the décor, Laura got a digital print of the hot air balloon that says “Oh, the places she’ll go” (above) and the cutest map garland from Etsy.

I found a cardboard letter “H” and found the cutest stationary paper with globes and flowers on it; then I used modge podge to cover the H with the paper and used it as decoration (see above in the food photo).  I also found the cutest little globe at Joann Fabrics that was already pre-decorated with pretty flowers, I added a few sayings in faux-calligraphy.  One side says “Adventure Awaits” and the other says “Oh the places you’ll go.”

Lastly, I found a “baby” balloon and some round paper decorations from the Target Dollar Spot – of course!  They always have the best stuff.  We used them on the mantle.  I wanted to hang the pink paper lanterns from our outdoor umbrella, but it was so windy and I couldn’t find my garden stakes, so the umbrella kept toppling over in the yard.

Baby Gifts & Games

Now, for the part of the shower that is the main event – opening gifts!  I found 2 really cute games at the Target dollar spot again.  The first was a baby related alphabet game.  I had the Mom-to-be send me a baby related word for every letter in the alphabet (ex. A = adoption, B = baby, c = crib, etc.), then all of the guests had to fill out their own sheet with their baby related words.  The person who got the most in common with the original answers won a prize!  This game was so much harder than expected.  The winner got 6 in common… out of 27!! The second game was a baby shower bingo, where each person filled out gifts that they thought the Mom-to-be would receive.  Whoever got bingo first won a prize!  For prizes I had a few options, I had a pair of modern triangle earrings, a long statement necklace, and a mini MAC lipstick.

opening a snuggle me

The gifts were also great!  I think she got a lot of items that will be super useful once their Baby Girl gets here!  Laura included an insert in the invite that asked everyone to bring a book instead of a card, so she got lots of baby books.  We got her my go to baby shower gift – a boppy lounger, currently on sale at Target!  It was such a life-saver for us with P and was given to me by to co-workers who were also Moms and swore by it!  I also got her a Little Unicorn Hooded Towel, some little month photo circles, and a Slumberkin.  I also made a little diaper cake from some Honest diapers.  The first tier had tree print diapers, the second had jungle animals, then I tied both tiers up with ribbon and added some travel themed scrapbook stickers.  A few of the other gifts she got were a SnuggleMe (similar to a DockATot), a bassinet, some cute girl clothes, a Jelly Cat stuffed animal (they are the best), and some nursing stuff.  Here are links to the gifts I got , plus a few of  Peyton’s favorite Jellycat stuffed animals:

P.S. – you can get pre-made diaper cakes from The Honest Company!  They are really cute


Love my Tribe

It was seriously a really great baby shower and I’m so thankful for this little tribe of women and best friends that I have had since college and in one case high school.  It’s so fun that we’ve been able to go through engagements, weddings, and now babies!



Erin Phillips

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