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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself…

Feb, 28, 2017
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… My name is HOV Erin 

Let me introduce myself again since it’s been like 10 months since I last wrote a blog post and a whole lot has changed since then, including what you will find on this blog going forward!      Let’s get started…

    • I’m Erin – I’m so close to turning 28 that let’s just say I’m 28 at this point.  I say that I’m from Portland, OR; but really I moved out to the boonies on the outskirts of Portland in the cutest small town, North Plains… but literally every time I tell someone that is where we live now I get asked where that is… so let’s just keep calling it Portland.
    • I’m a coffee addict.
    • I’m married!  To the funniest, smartest, handsomest guy I could find.  His name is Jordan and he’s a project manager in construction management.  People think he’s a hippie because he looks like this in a lot of photos:  Jordan & P (It’s the man bun… people think he’s a hippie because of the man bun.  He actually cut it so no more hippie) 
    • The tiny little human Jordan is holding in that picture is Peyton!  Our sweet little Princess P.  She was born in August and is literally the most amazing thing that could have happened to us.  Like… we’re so obsessed.  Look at these blue eyes and tell me how you COULDN’T be obsessed!

When 🥕 are life . . #peytonjanet #oceaneyes #bathtimenext

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  • We also have a sweet mini aussie dog, Cooper.  He’s sweet 90% of the time but 10% of the time he’s an asshole.  Recently he has decide his favorite snack is diaper.  Not dirty diaper… just diaper… any diaper.  This means we’ve gotten even more well acquainted with our vets since we now occasionally have to take him there to make him throw up that delicious diaper snack he found.  He also has epilepsy – yep it’s a thing in dogs – but he’s still the sweetest most playful dude around (as long as your not a stranger).  And he loves P.
  • I work at Nike.  Nike Golf to be specific.  I’m a merchandising manager.  Nike obviously does not sponsor this blog or have any interest in it so anything I write there is not their view… DUH!

Bloggy blog blog

I mentioned that I was going to re-explain what I would be writing about here because it’s a little different than when I first thought I wanted to write a blog.  You may have noticed that the tone of my writing is a little different than the whopping 4 (5? I don’t even know how many times I’ve posted HA) times I’ve posted an “article” here.  Let me explain…

What I thought my blog would be – when I ambitiously started this blog at like 5 months pregnant I had visions of beautiful photos, bloggy looking OOTD posts with links to what I was wearing, artfully crafted DIYs… basically I wanted to emulate all of the blogs that I read, and the bloggers that I follow and envy.  Easy peasy rightttt???

Nope.  New direction – I have like 5 draft posts kind of, semi, started.  I was laying in bed the other day wondering why I never finished any of them when I realized it was because that is SO not me!  It was not me to just share my “top mother’s day gifts” and not the real side of things like how difficult it was to go through our first mother’s day without Jordan’s mom.  I also feel like in the world today there is so much pressure for women to look like they have it all figured out… and that just makes it even harder when you feel like you don’t understand why you can’t keep it all together like those other moms/women/wives.

So… from now on I’m going to share our real life here.  I’m sure I’ll still post about the items I’m coveting because I really do love shopping, and who doesn’t need retail therapy every once in a while!  But I’m also going to be sharing our chaotic, stressful, messy life.  But just because it’s chaotic doesn’t mean I don’t love every minute of it, because it is honestly such a great adventure.  And really… have you heard of anyone ever having a great adventure with a pristine, clutter-less life??  If you have keep it to yourself…



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