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Announcing… Wildwood Vineyards & Events

Aug, 19, 2019
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If you love what you do…

… you’ll never work a day in your life

Some of you may not know that after I got married (almost 6 years ago!) I went to work part-time as an event planner.  I first worked as a lead coordinator for Soiree, the company who assisted in planning our wedding, for 2 wedding seasons.  Once I had Peyton I pulled back on wedding coordination since it just felt like too much.  However, while I was no longer assisting at Soiree, I still loved event design, planning and coordination, so I occasionally took on some freelance projects for friends, co-workers and friends of friends.

Wedding ring details - coordination by wildwood events

During my time at Nike I also ended up involved in the coordination and planning of large corporate events.  While I wasn’t the official “planner” on those events I worked closely with our corporate event team and would coordinate set-up, fashion shows, schedules and logistics for large account and sales meetings. 

if it's still in your mind quote

I’ve never been able to get the love for parties out of my system.  I am always the friend who volunteers to throw a baby or bridal shower.  So after almost 2 years of false starts, doubt, and the nagging thought that I would love to own my own business and go all in on events I’ve finally decided to make the leap!

I am so thrilled to announce Wildwood Vineyards & Events is officially in business!  We are a full service wedding and event planning company, as well as a new venue in Newberg, opening in 2020.

Wildwood Vineyards

bride & groom at wildwood vineyards
Brother & Sister-in-laws Wedding @ the Property

Our venue, Wildwood Vineyards, will be at a family property with amazing views, situated less than a half-mile from the award winning Allison Inn & Spa.  We are remodeling the barn on the property to offer a stunning indoor/outdoor space. Here are the concept sketches that our designer has come up with for what the space will look like once complete.

We are so excited to get this space finished and start hosting some amazing weddings, charity dinners and private parties!  Demo has been completed but we’re still able to affect the finished product so tell me what is most important to you in an event venue?  What are some unique things that you’ve seen that have made a space stand out or that have made you feel extremely special as a client?

Wildwood Events 

Wedding Coordinated at Gorge-ous Wedding Venue

The other half of my business is event design, planning and coordination.  I’m not talking just wedding planning!  We are offering full service planning, partial planning, day of coordination, and a la carte services for weddings.  We are also available to plan private parties and corporate events!  I love planning and coordinating special events like baby showers, bridal showers, and birthday parties.  I am also available for destination events to anyone thinking about the elopement in Costa Rica give me a call *wink wink*! 

Travel Baby Shower Decor
Travel themed baby shower decor details

 In the coming weeks I will be sharing some posts on recent events that I have planned and/or coordinated which you will be able to find over at our events site : www.wildwood-events.com.

In both businesses I will be working hard to connect with other local small business and connect fabulous wedding and event vendors with clients who need them!  If you know of a local small business that you think would fit this industry (desserts, bakers, caterers, photographers, calligraphers, etc.) please let me know!  I’m still making lots of connections and would love to do my part to referring small businesses to my clients.  

What About Hanna?

You might be wondering what this means for my job at Hanna Andersson.  Even if you’re not wondering I’m going to tell you.  I left my career as a merchandising manager a few weeks ago to spend a little more time with my children and pursue this opportunity.  I have loved my career as a merchant, both at Nike and at Hanna Andersson, but the timing ended up being right to take a break from my career in retail to pursue this.  I’ve toyed with the idea, on and off, for the last few years about starting this business, and now is finally the right time. 

I’m taking a leap of faith, with the support of my family and especially Jordan and some other family members who truly believe in this idea, and going all in.  While I don’t expect it to fail, I know that I have a career I could always return to if it doesn’t work out, and I also know I would always regret wondering “what if?” If I never followed my heart on this.  

So, with that said, please check out our websites and our (currently minimal) social media, and help us get the word out about our new business!

Erin Phillips

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