Curating my Wardrobe | Unpacking & Figuring out a Process

May, 28, 2020
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Curating my wardrobe. Finding my style.

For a long time, I’ve dreamed of being able to live with a capsule wardrobe. I love the idea of having less to wash, put away, style, etc. However, I’ve come to realize that loving clothing and fashion is slightly at odds with the idea of living with a minimal wardrobe. Finally, I realized, what I need instead is to create a more curated wardrobe that reflects what I’m looking for, without some arbitrary constraints of 33 items for 3 months, but don’t forget to update it every season! That just seems like a lot of time and work to re-do something every few months. I thought the point was to spend less time on your wardrobe. It just seems slightly counter-intuitive.

Moving has seemed like the perfect time to dive into my style and wardrobe and get rid of anything that doesn’t work or that I don’t wear. I’m already looking at every item I own as we unpack, so it makes it easy to take an extra few minutes to decide its purpose and if it fits with what I want my wardrobe and style to evolve in to.

Defining my style

One of my fave fall looks.

Determining what my personal style is, and what I would like it to reflect, obviously did not happen overnight. A few months ago I started to pay attention to the types of outfits and aesthetics I was drawn to in other’s photos, as well as the people who’s style I looked to for inspiration or found aspirational. The “style icons” (for lack of a better term) that reflect the style I love are Jacey Duprie (Damsel in Dior), Shannon Pulsifier (Itsybitsyindulgences), Christine Andrews, Halley Elefante (The Salty Blonde), Amy Jackson (Fashion Jackson) and Aylin (Stylin by Aylin).

Obviously, I also had to create a Pinterest board compiling images and outfits that reflect the style I want for myself. I didn’t just pin outfits, but colors, inspirational images, textures, and photos that reflect the mood/vibes that appeal to me. Here is the board I created and continue to add to. Just a quick glance over it makes it obvious to me I like neutrals, timeless styles, and oversized sweaters, but I also love the summery boho look.

Curating my closet – the next steps.

While unpacking I have been able to quickly throw things into a giveaway or sell pile based on what I know I won’t wear anymore. Now I have to take a closer look at what I’ve kept and what my closet consists of. I’m sure there will be gaps I identify. Rather than going back through everything again right away, I’m putting everything into my closet. Usually, I would take a closer look asap, but we just moved and we need a little less chaos floating around. Instead, I am taking photos of my outfits, keeping in mind the style that appeals to me, and documenting my weekly roundup of outfits. Going forward I’m focusing on classic pieces, timeless items, and hopefully, I will just layer in a few trend pieces each season.

Starting with June I will be starting the month sharing key items I want to build my outfits around. I am also planning to share a weekly roundup of the outfits I wear – the idea behind this is that eventually, my own personal style will become clear through my photos. Hopefully in the process, I will end up with only items that I truly love, and maybe I can help some others along the way be happy with their closet rather than being overwhelmed.

Goals for this project?

One of my favorite looks from my inspiration board.

I came home from Memorial day weekend and looked at the piles of clothes and tubs of boxes to store and wanted to cry. I have so many things. I have so many things I don’t really love. I have things I haven’t worn since before I got married. My goal is by the end of this to be happy with the items I own, have a purpose for owning each one, love each one even if I don’t wear it often. I want less so that I am forced to be more creative with what I have. I want quality items that don’t wear out after 2 washes and last more than one season. There is a happy medium between a minimal capsule wardrobe and an overflowing closet and I am going to find it.

Erin Phillips

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