Daily Diaper Bag Essentials

May, 18, 2018
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Happy Friday!

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In the future I’m hoping to have a weekly Friday Round-up that includes some of the things I’m loving currently…what I’m listening too, reading, workouts, recipes… you get it.  In the mean time however I thought I would finally get around to sharing some of the essentials Peyton and I use almost daily!

I have another post that will include all of the essentials for traveling with a toddler, but I need to write this first so I don’t write a whole novel!

Here are Peyton & my picks for Daily Diaper Bag Essentials!

These are all of our current must haves.  P is currently in the toddler stage so some of this apply more to toddlerdom than a newborn, but you can jump to any additional items that were necessary during newborn/infant life here.  All items are linked at the bottom of this list.

1.  Diaper Bag

Obviously a good diaper bag is a must have.  Once Peyton hit about 18 months old I switched from a shoulder diaper bag to a diaper backpack and I love it!  I loved my shoulder bags but at this stage it’s so much easier having a backpack to grab with all of her stuff in it.  It also leaves me the ability to have a small crossbody or tote with my own items so I don’t have to dig through the diaper bag for my wallet or worse bring it everywhere with me!  I also love the backpack now because it makes any travels or adventures so much easier.  I use the SkipHop Chelsea Backpack, but I have friends who swear by the FP bag.  When I had a shoulder bag I used the SkipHop Chelsea, a Kate Spade bag, and I still occasionally use a PBKids bag when we head to the pool!

2. Diapers, Wipes & Extras

I mean it is called a diaper bag, so it wouldn’t be complete without diapers and clean up essentials!

With P we use mostly use Huggies these days, but we also have used a lot of Honest Diapers… I’m a sucker for cute prints.  Huggies just seem to fit her best and never leak!  P has sensitive skin and occasionally gets diaper rashes so we try to use really simple wipes that don’t have much in them or irritate her skin.  The diaper rash means we also always keep Neosporin and Butt Paste in the bag in case we need to help her be more comfortable on the go! Our pediatrician advised mixing in some Neosporin with the diaper cream to help heal diaper rash and it’s worked wonders for us.

3. Snacks & Water!

I feel like all kids are always asking for something… water, a snack, their binky, a toy, you name it!  In our experience they’re also always willing to eat.  So many mom’s have the ability to just throw a pouch of applesauce in their bag and go, but unfortunately we have a child that refuses to eat purees.  That means that on-the-go containers for snacks are something I always have on hand.  I usually fill them up with goldfish (duh!), yogis, and Annie’s Graham Crackers.  I also try to throw a few clementines in my bag and a That’s It bar in case P is feeling picky.  Peyton also rarely drinks anything other than water during the day (she will make an exception for a milkshake, of course), so I also now have every water bottle under the sun!  Well, not really, but it feels that way.  Her Aunt and Uncle got her the cutest Minnie Mouse Cup with a straw that she loves, she calls it “Minnie Cup!”, but I always have backups.  My favorite is the kids Hydroflask.  She loves it too because it looks like mine.  It’s a win-win since it also means I don’t always have her asking to drink out of my water instead of her own now that she has a big girl version!

4. Pacifiers

Ok, Wubbanubs are amazing.  Before I had a baby I did not get those animals hanging off their binkies and what the big deal was with them.  When I was pregnant I was at Nordstrom in the kids department and a family with a new-ish baby was there too.  I was looking at the Wubbanubs and the dad stopped me and told me to buy one for both cars, every room, and a few extras hahaha.  He said they were such a lifesaver and that was the only convincing I needed, I bought 2.  Since then we have acquired many more.  Peyton loves them, they are like her security blanket.  She calls them “BaBa” because the first ones she had were sheep.  Now she has an elephant, reindeer, lion, and giraffe.  I also recently asked her dentist about them and he said not to worry about it at this stage.  We’re slowly going to start weening them during the day and only use during car rides, naps, and sleep to avoid any sort of speech impediment but obviously talk to your pediatrician if you have any concerns about pacifier use.

5. Books & Toys

always have a few items in our diaper bag to help keep P entertained while were out or while were on our way somewhere to avoid a tear filled car ride.  She loves books and a lot of times I can give her a book and she will “read’ it for 15 minutes while we drive somewhere, her favorites are touch & feel books and books that make noise.  She could make so many animal noises when asked by 14 months thanks to those books, it was a great trick to show-off!  I usually throw in a Jellycat book these days – she really love the “If I Were a Unicorn” book.  P also is very attached to some of her stuffed animals and toys.  We hardly ever get out of the house without something in her arms, these days it’s usually a Pua stuffed animal (the pig from Moana) that we got at Disneyland.  She also is very attached to a few Bingo & Rollie toys (from the Disney Junior show Puppy Dog Pals).

6. Blanket

Depending on the season I either throw in a heavier, plush blanket, or a lightweight muslin swaddle to use.  I loooove the Little Giraffe baby blankets; P has 4 and we use them all the time.  They are so soft and cozy.  She’s now at the stage where she likes to carry them with her and cuddle them which also just melts my heart.  Now that we’re heading in to summer time I will start using some of the swaddles we have.  They’re so much lighter weight for when it’s hot outside.  They are also great for throwing down as a play area/blanket.  I’m a big fan of anything tropical so my go to’s are the flamingo and pineapple swaddles from Little Unicorn.

7. Boogie Wipes

Toddlers are super snotty.  In our case P was also a booger-filled infant.  My good friend suggested Boogie Wipes and now I never leave home without them.  They are so gentle on Peyton’s skin (again with the sensitive skin!), and I don’t just use them on her nose.  A lot of times I will use them to help wipe up her face after eating.  They’re a lot gentler than a napkin or other type of wipe.

8. Nursing Cover (Infants/Breastfeeding Stage)

Nursing covers were so essential for me when I was breastfeeding Peyton.  First of all, I’m all for whatever works for you when it comes to feeding your baby!  I admire Mom’s who are confident and don’t need/want to use any covers. Personally I am a) conscious and b) modest, so a nursing cover made me feel better about nursing in public.  My favorites are the Covered Goods & Milk Snob covers since they also double as car seat covers.  Also – Milk Snob just came out with some Disney themed covers which are so stinking cute! (I’m a Disney fan so obvi I love these).


9. Bottles (Infants)

I both nursed P and gave her formula once she started daycare.  Having her be able to take a bottle was great because when we were on long car rides when she was young it meant we didn’t need to stop so I could nurse!  (I did have to pump, but I’ll share that in my travel post).  It also meant that anytime Jordan was out with her he could grab a bottle and measure some formula in to a container and know that he had the ability to keep her happy if she got hungry and I wasn’t there.  We had to try a few different bottles to find the ones that she ended up liking but in the end Como Tomo & Tommee Tippee ended up working best for us.


All of our fave items are linked here:


Is there anything I missed that should be included as a daily diaper bag must have?  I’m always on the look out for new items that make life easier!

Erin Phillips

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