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May, 01, 2019
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Disney Princess Breakfast at Napa Rose

I can’t believe less than 2 weeks ago we were still in Disneyland on vacation. I definitely still wish I was there, but it just means I get to look forward to planning our next trip! On our last day there I had made reservations so I could take Peyton to the new Disney Princess breakfast at Napa Rose in the Grand California Hotel. It was a special Mommy-Daughter date that I was so excited for. It was the first time we were doing something just the 2 of us since Reagan was born! Breakfast did not disappoint and I can’t wait to take her back again when she’s a little older.

I’ve had some people ask about it so I thought I would share our experience. I took 0 photos of the food because I was so preoccupied with getting the Princess photos and making sure we also both ate… so you’ll just have to take my word on that part.

The Lounge

When we checked in at the host stand in Napa Rose they led us to the lounge area. There they had a guitarist playing Disney songs, some cute tic-tac-toe games on the lounge tables, and most exciting Rapunzel! She is currently P’s favorite princess so we took full advantage of the fact the lounge was empty and Peyton got to spend a lot of time talking to Rapunzel, touching her hair, and taking pictures with her.

I will say that most kids got an autograph book, and pen upon check in, but because Peyton was not 3 she didn’t get those items. I’m assuming that it’s because she was free. So, if you’re going with 2 kids and one is under 3 they won’t get an autograph book… but you could buy the same one in the parks or hotel gift shop so that your littler one can still feel like they are included and not missing out on something! Peyton didn’t know any difference, but next time we will definitely need an autograph book (but she will also be over 3 next time).

Breakfast Buffet

Ok, this is the part where I failed. I took no photos of breakfast. If you have toddlers you know that keeping them entertained is a full-time job so I was focused on keeping P entertained, making sure she ate, and distracting her from potential melt downs when the Princesses did not make a bee-line for our table. If you want beautiful photos and in depth reviews of all of the foods and drinks served check out DFB’s review, they are food experts and they also have a great review.

The first course was an amazing 3-tier appetizer tower and a complimentary mimosa for Mom! The tower included mini lobster rolls, open-faced mini ham sandwiches, nutella-wrapped bananas in a crepe with berry compote (so delish!), coconut chia pudding with tropical fruits (my fave), and of course beignets (Peyton’s fave). They also brought out some sweet breads/pastries at this point with an amazing lemon curd. I am honestly desperately trying to figure out how to make that lemon curd at home. I have not found one that compares.

The second course was a standard breakfast buffet. I made one plate and shared it with Peyton because toddler. We stuck to traditional breakfast fare and had Mickey waffles, fruit, bacon, sausage, and some amazing scrambled eggs. There were a lot of other savory brunch options we didn’t try. Those included sliders, fries, fried chicken, braised short ribs, veggies, and more.

Lastly, of course, was dessert! I actually managed to get a picture of this one. Since I had mentioned we were there in part to celebrate my 30th we got a special birthday message on our plate. Dessert was amazing. It included a raspberry sorbet topped with cotton candy (P’s favorite), a clamshell macaroon, a chocolate filled cake-pop, a mini berry tartlet, and a peanut butter crunch chocolate mousse. Dessert was topped off with some extra pixie dust (i.e. gold sprinkles) by our server.

The Princesses

The princesses, the reason we were at this breakfast! We had met Rapunzel in the lounge while waiting to be seated, but there were so many more princesses to come!

During breakfast the princesses make their rounds to each table, which is great because you don’t really have to worry about missing them! We saw 4 princesses during our breakfast and Peyton loved each of them. She particularly was a fan of all of their dresses, hair and jewelry! The princesses we met were:


A big fan of Jasmine’s jewelery

2. Tiana

Meeting Tiana!

3. Belle

Giving Belle a big hug!

4. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

Showing Aurora her Pascal

After we finished breakfast and got to spend time with each of the 4 princesses we were escorted outside for even more Princess adventures!

More Princess Adventures

Once we got out to the patio/garden area we got to meet Mulan for story time. We were paired up with another small family with 3 children for this portion. Mulan told the story of joining the army to fight the huns in place of her father, with a lesson about bravery.

Story time

After the story we got to meet Mulan one-on-one for hugs (duh) and to pose like Mulan for a photo!

The next area is where we got to meet Pocahontas. Pocahontas taught the kids about how Native-Americans would say hello and goodby in sign language. They also got to act out how they would row in a canoe. Peyton LOVED Pocahontas. I love this action shot of her going in for a big hug before they got to talk a bit and get another photo.

The last room blew Peyton’s mind. We went in to a small room and there was… Ariel!

Peyton immediately threw herself in to the dress of her favorite Princess. It was so sweet. This room also included a Disney PhotoPass photographer so I ended up being able to download a ton of great photos from the Disneyland app. It was the perfect way to cap off a special morning.

Final Verdict?

When do we get to go again?! Yes, it’s super expensive for breakfast. It’s $125 per person. Peyton was free this time because she was under 3, next time we won’t have that luxury. We will still go back though. It was so worth it to see the reaction of Peyton meeting all of her princess idols. It also took some of the pressure off to find the princesses in the park or the need to wait in long lines to meet them. A great way to plan it would be to do this breakfast adventure on a day when you maybe don’t go in to a park. You aren’t paying for a park ticket that way and still getting a really special Disney experience.

Erin Phillips

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