DIY Kids Dress Up Rack

May, 10, 2019
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Let’s Play Dress Up!

Last summer I decided I wanted to find a cute way to store all of Peyton’s dresses that could also be a cute center piece to her room. I looked up a few different methods that people had used for pipe dress up racks, industrial dress up racks, and more; but I never found exactly what I wanted mine to look like. After my research I was able to figure out exactly how I wanted to build this one for Peyton.

I got all of my materials from Home Depot and was able to build it in an afternoon. This is the list of materials I used:

Building the Rack

Assembling the rack was easy and quick! I did most of it in my drive way since spray paint. I started by using the pipe cutter to cut the long copper pipes to the lengths I had decided on. The horizontal pipe is 44″ and the two vertical pipes are 38″. Once the pipes were cut I laid out all of the pieces and spray painted over the copper pipes & fittings with a copper spray paint. This was to hide the industrial markings on the pipes and it shined the everything up; plus it also made the black flanges match the overall rack. I also spray painted the wood black at this stage. I went over everything with 2 coats to make sure everything was covered and the color was rich.

While the paint was drying I measured the bottom of the wood base and added my rolling caster wheels. I put mine about 1.5″ in from each edge. At this point I also screwed in the flanges that would connect the upper rack.

With the paint dry and the base ready I started fitting the pipes together with the elbow fittings. At first I hadn’t bought the male adapter fittings and tried to just use Gorilla Glue to keep the vertical pipes secured inside the flange… that did not work. So after another trip to Home Depot to pick those male adapters up I was ready to screw the rack to the base.

I apparently took a video while I was building it last summer so here is a video explaining how I built it. I obviously needed the male adapters in addition to the gorilla glue and 4 rolling casters, but I hadn’t figured that out yet when I filmed this!

And there you have it! Your brand new dress up rack!

Fit For a Princess

As mentioned many times before I am raising a princess obsessed girl. So this fits wonderfully in her new Princess room. And it currently fits all of her dresses and tutus perfectly…but we are running out of room fast!

You can easily customize this rack to your needs and tastes. All you need to do is adjust any measurements if you want it larger (pipes and lumber), or pick out some different colors if you want it to match with a different design/decor vibe.

Erin Phillips

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