First Trimester Survival

Last week we were in Disney World and announced some exciting news on Instagram:

Disney Pregnancy Announcement

In February 2019 we’re going to be adding another little Princess to our family!

Now that we’ve shared the news with our friends and family (and work) I thought I would share how it’s been going so far and what I’ve been trying to help feel human over the last few months.

First Trimester Update

I was assuming that since I had done this before the first trimester would for some reason be easier this time.  Not true.  It’s so true what they say that every pregnancy and every baby is different.  The one similarity to my pregnancy with P is that I got terrible nausea and food aversions.  I’m lucky that I don’t throw up, but sometimes I almost would rather take that than feeling sick all day long.  I did somehow manage to stomach coffee more often this time thank god.  I also for some reason got really itchy legs (?) who knows why, and I’ve somehow been even more emotional than the first time.  The other day a sad episode of Fancy Nancy came on and I actually cried. WTF?!  I also hate that show so it’s saying a lot.  (Also, I watch very different TV now that we have a toddler…)

The other 2 major changes this time.  1 – I have a busy toddler to chase around all day.  That doesn’t help much with the fatigue/exhaustion.  2 – I’ve been working out more this time.  With P I had run a half marathon about a week and a half before finding out I was pregnant, and then very rarely worked out.  When I’m not working I’ve been able to take advantage of our gyms amazing daycare and I’ve also been trying to jog or do yoga at home.  I ran a 15k (9.3 mi) the week I found out and it was rough.  My back already hurt and my knees feel so much more sore for some reason.  Now that I’m out of the first few months working out is feeling a little easier for me, but I’m also assuming it will get harder and hurt more as I get bigger.  I am thinking of getting one of those belly support things if I do actually keep working out but we’ll see.  I signed us up for a 5k and P up for a kids half mile race in October so we’ll see how that goes!

^ photo of me happy I finished that dumb 15k but so annoyed at how slow I felt.  Meanwhile my friends finished the half (4 more miles!) only like 15 minutes after me… speedy!

Overall I’m mostly just happy to be through the first trimester and now I”m counting down to February!

First Trimester Must-Haves

And now for the things that I have tried to help still feel human over the last few months.


I feel like a lot of articles in a lot of articles I’ve read people have a hard time drinking water.  Luckily, I don’t have that problem and I love water.  Outside of coffee it is my go to drink.  We don’t really drink juice or soda in our house (which my dad hates and always complains about when he has to choose between milk/water/wine when he visits).  When you’re pregnant you do need to drink more water/fluids when you’re pregnant (they say ~2.3L) so having a water bottle with me most of the time has helped me make sure I’m staying hydrated.  I personally love hydroflask bottles since they keep water cold all day and come in lots of great colors.  (Not sponsored, not an affiliate, just a big fan plus they’re local to Oregon).


This kind of falls in to the water category I guess, but thank god for La Croix (yeah.  I’m basic.).  Again, I am not a soda person but when I’m feeling a little sick to my stomach all I want is something bubbly.  I love sparkling water, my obsession started when I got pregnant with P, and I’m thankful because it also makes it really easy to stay hydrated! I also love the 365 sparkling water that Whole Foods sells.  They have a raspberry lemonade that is my favorite and I just carry around the big bottle when I’m home all day.  Another plus with their glass bottles is it cuts down on all of the 12oz cans I power through!


Carbs are wonderful.  I mentioned above that I have had terrible nausea and food aversions, so for a few weeks I was making my self Mac ‘n Cheese or Ramen noodles while making my family a “real dinner.”  I also don’t usually eat pastries often, but cinnamon rolls and croissants from La Provence were my go to during the weekend! I asked my dr. about the fact that I basically hated everything but carbs (especially chicken and meat, thank god for tofu) and she said it’s very common with  nausea to only want to eat carbs.  She didn’t explain why, but at least I’m not alone.


Not sure this actually is part of my survival, it’s more something that I do because you’re supposed to.  I take gummy vitamins because it’s more fun and I’m still a child.  I also cannot stomach traditional prenatal vitamins with iron so gummies are it for me!


Thank god I’ve been able to drink coffee this time.  When I was pregnant with P coffee was the last thing  I wanted, which is a big deal for me because I’m a professional coffee addict.  I don’t know if I could stomach it this time because I just had different food aversions or if I was just that much more tired and I needed it to function.  Either way, big win for me here, especially chasing a crazy toddler around.  I am also obsessed with coffee mugs, but I know I can only have so many in our cabinet before I get in trouble.  I really love Chalk Full of Love’s campfire mugs but I am too indecisive to pull the trigger on them… so I guess I’ll wait until winter? (She has the cutest stuff and it’s all hand lettered by her… again, not sponsored or anything, I’m just a fan!)

6. APPLE TV (AKA Netflix, Prime & HBO NOW!)

Streaming video services were a huge life saver for me for a couple weeks when I was so sick and tired I really wanted to lay in bed for a while, but I had to keep a 2 year old occupied.  We watched a lot of “Boss Baby,” “Frozen,” “Moana,” and Disney Jr. while I got to lay down even if I didn’t get to nap.  I also caught up on Riverdale and a few other normal (aka or cartoon) shows that I forgot about.


These last 3 are all related to trying to survive nausea… to be honest nothing really worked great for me but these helped temporarily I guess.  Green smoothies were something that I could thankfully handle and seemed to settle my stomach for a little while.  Usually I get the “Greens and Ginger” from Jamba, but I have also been loving Pitaya smoothies lately too!


This combination was recommended by my doctor.  Obviously you should talk to yours to find out the dose you should take and if it’s safe for you, I’m certainly no doctor.  This worked for me for about a week?  Maybe?  It might have been a placebo effect just because I wanted it to work so bad, but after a weeek it mostly just made me tired on top of nauseous.  I have heard that it does work wonders for some women though so it might be investigating if you’re like me and will try anything to get rid ornament the constant nausea.


When nothing else had been working and I still getting ready to head out for a family vacation I finally caved and asked my doctor for a prescription.  I had been putting it off because I thought it might clear up after I got clear of 12-14 weeks, but no such luck.  Zofran definitely got rid of my nausea but I have since stopped taking it because it can give you killer headaches and make you constipated (hence fiber gummies).  Again, totally talk to your doctor if you’re looking for relief.  It definitely helped me, but it just wasn’t sustainable.


This is kind of the only thing working to keep me from wanting to lay on my couch all day.  I have found that staying active helps so much to reduce the nausea I have.  When I’m busy during the day and distracted, at work, out doing things with P, or ideally when I get in a workout, I feel a million times better and it seems to either cure or keep my mind off of my nausea.  Even a family walk after dinner helps a ton!


I’m certainly not sharing any ground breaking advice here, but if anything hopefully this helps someone looking for ideas to feel better during the first trimester or at least not feel like you’re the only one dealing with it!

Let me know me know if I missed any great tips/must haves in the comments.





5 responses to “First Trimester Survival”

  1. Dana says:

    I had mine super close together and while my second one didn’t cause as much nausea, it was sooo hard running after my active daughter while pregnant! I was on Zofran with both my kids too but heard it’s no longer being prescribed for pregnancy except in cases where nothing else works.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Congrats on making it through the first trimester! The first 16 weeks was always the worst for me! I tried vitamin B6 and unison and it had the same affect on me! Worked the first 2-3 times and after that I had to move to something stronger and quicker! Second trimester is always easier!

  3. Sarah says:

    A water bottle has been a must for me more and more. During pregnancy 🤰 especially.

  4. Lisa says:

    I only have one child, and was lucky to have the worlds easiest first trimester. No sickness. None. That being said, I live in mortal terror of having another child because I can’t be THAT lucky twice! I’ll have to keep these tips in mind.

  5. Jenn says:

    You are an adorable pregnant mama! It’s so important to eat healthy and stay active while pregnant.