My Goals for 2020

New Year, New Decade, New Goals

Happy New Year! Last year I shared all of my personal goals as well as some family goals here. I didn’t revisit them as planned, but I really feel like having them down in writing made them more real to me and helped me accomplish a few of them! I definitely didn’t complete all of them, but I did make a lot of progress on many of them. It only makes sense to me to now share my biggest personal goals and our family goals for the new year. Here we go!


Starting off on a cliche with my goals for health and fitness in 2020, but writing them down and sharing them will help increase my chances for keeping them!

Run ~5 miles 3x per week.

I currently can run 3-4 miles at a comfortable pace. I can run 5 miles, but I’m definitely not as fast as I would like to be, and I definitely don’t run with the consistency I would like to. I’m planning to work up to 5 miles 3x per week, with the option to do a track workout with a running group to replace one of the 5 milers. My goal here is to increase my weekly mileage to a consistent 15-20 miles per week.

Spin 2-3x per week.

I still need to figure out how to schedule my runs vs. spin workouts. My gym just got a new spin “experience” by Les Mills that I want to try out, but I also want to use my Peloton more. I’m hoping to get on the bike at least twice a week, even if it’s just for an easy recovery ride. I love my Peloton, but I definitely have not used it enough. I used to love CycleBar so I’m really hoping I get back in a routine with spinning. My goal for spinning is to hit 100 rides!

Cross Train

I’m not sure the frequency of my cross-training yet, but I know I need to work it into my schedule. I am planning on doing a combination of barre, yoga, and pilates for most often. I also want to try the High Fitness class at our local community center that one of my friends loves. Last, but not least, I am thinking of mixing in some BBG or at least trying BBG for a month or 2 this year. If I’m not a fan of it I can easily switch to my Peloton app.

Meal Planning & Prep

I’m terrible at meal planning. I am good at planning out a few dinners each week and getting various groceries, but I am terrible at planning all of our meals. I love the Clean Simple Eats recipes, and they are toddler-approved, so I am planning on trying to use CSE as a jumping-off point to get in a better meal planning/meal prep groove. It doesn’t hurt that they have a winter challenge where you can win a trip to Disney World! That’s all the motivation I need.


Most of my other goals are related to lifestyle changes or habits I can change or add to my daily life.


Jordan and I have been talking a lot about what kind of lifestyle we want to live and what we really value. We are sick of spending time cleaning spaces that don’t get used and picking up so many toys/things, instead of spending that time doing things we love to do and making memories with our children. We have acquired a lot of things over the last 4 years, but honestly, 80% of those things have not made us happier or made our lives easier. What we have loved are the memories we have made while traveling, the pictures we’ve taken, and the experiences we’ve had. So, we are tackling some big decluttering projects at the beginning of the year, and planning to change some of our habits so that we can continue to simplify.

Write More

I love writing. I loved writing when I was in school and growing up. For a long time, I’ve really wanted to figure out a way to write more, including here, but I’ve let my insecurities get in the way. Not anymore though! I am committing to getting at least 1 post a month up on my blog, I’m setting the bar realllll low… so that it’s easily achieved! I’m also thrilled that I will be writing regularly for one of my favorite Mom blogs: I’ll be writing the Top 10 Nip Picks, covering a variety of topics, from baby and toddler gear, apparel and toys, to the best travel tips and other top mom resources! If you haven’t checked her out you should.

Document our Days

This was a goal I set for myself last year. I definitely partially completed this…I mean, I didn’t end the year with no pictures so by default I get a pass. However, I really want to document my girls as they grow up so that we all have some great keepsakes to look back on. I’m a member of ClickinMoms but I really haven’t taken advantage of their great resources so that’s where I’m starting. They have some cool challenges for members I might try, like Project 365, or at minimum Project 52, where you take a photo every day for a year, or every week for a year.

I’m also lucky enough to own a cool video camera (DJI Osmo Pocket), and I’m hoping to learn a little bit about making and editing my own videos. I would love to be able to show my family a recap video at the end of 2020 that really captures all of the great moments we’ve had together.

Be More Social

Sometimes as a parent I think we can get caught up in our daily tasks and our children’s needs; then all of a sudden you realize it’s been 3 months since you last saw your best friend, aunt, cousin, running buddy… (insert friend/family member you should see more than once every 3 months). It’s so easy for me to be an introvert, especially living far away from everyone and everything. I’m challenging myself to get out and be more social this year, and hopefully expand my network in the process!

Be Present

This one is easy and very straightforward – be present when I am with my family. I’m planning on achieving this by setting aside an hour each day to put my phone down, close my computer, turn off the tv, and do something with my daughters, Jordan, or the whole family. It might be coloring with Peyton, reading books, maybe a swim lesson, going for a walk, who knows! Maybe an hour will end up going by quickly, it will probably drag on some days, but I want to make sure my people know that they matter the most to me and give them some undivided attention and really be present with them without a million distractions.

Care Less…

…about things that don’t matter. It’s so hard to let go. I constantly struggle with it. But in the long run, I know that we will live a happier and less stressed life if we can let go of what doesn’t actually matter.

Get a Disneyland Annual Pass

I mean, this is more just a wish than a goal for 2020, but you better believe it’s on my list of things to accomplish this year!

Peyton’s Goals

Peyton and I had a chat about how it’s a New Year now. We talked about what she likes to do and what she wants to learn. Here is her list of what she wants to do in 2020.

All very exciting goals for a 3.5-year-old.

I’m not going to get into any professional goals for the year, I feel like I’ve covered enough, but I definitely have them even if they’re not begin shared here. I hope everyone had a great New Year!


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