A Mermaid Birthday Party | Peyton Turns 3

Aug, 13, 2019
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Join us under the sea… Peyton is turning 3!

I can’t believe we have a 3 year old. It feels like yesterday we were having her first birthday, and now she’s a true threenager! This year her birthday fell on a Saturday so we got to have her birthday party on her actual birthday! Of course we had to throw her a mermaid birthday party.

Peyton has been talking about her birthday for what feels like a year. Or at least since my dad’s birthday in January… she kept asking when her birthday would be. It also took us a while to land on her party theme. When I asked she kept just saying she wanted a “pink” birthday; it went from “pink” to literally every princess theme overnight. One day it was Rapunzel, the next day Ariel, every third Tuesday it was Cinderella, basically she was very indecisive. We finally got her to stick with an Ariel/Mermaid party and I could get to work knowing she wouldn’t have an epic meltdown because her party wasn’t princess ballerina themed.

Mermaid Birthday – The Details

I love Etsy when it comes to getting event invitations, decor, and ideas! Type in mermaid birthday to etsy and you will get back a million unique options, and so many of them are adorable! It took me a long time to figure out the invitation we wanted to send. I narrowed it down to 3 and had Peyton pick the final option. We landed on this:

mermaid birthday invitation

It was a template I bought on Etsy and then was able to customize online. I ended up not printing and mailing these. I just downloaded them and texted/emailed them to friends and family, and had Peyton’s daycare get it out to her friends as her birthday approached.

For decor I bought a mermaid balloon arch kit off of amazon and a disposable plastic tablecloth that looked like it had mermaid scales on it. That was the extent of the mermaid themed decor but it really made a big impact!

mermaid balloon arch

The only other centerpiece of the mermaid theme was the cake! I ended up making this cake for Peyton and then buying an additional Costco cake to serve everything. Good thing too since the cake I made did not turn out. The frosting and the whole look of it turned out the way I wanted, but the inside was not great and didn’t taste very good unfortunately. Luckily we had the giant Costco cake to use as a back up which was of course delicious!

little mermaid birthday cake

Activities & Surprises

Since it is August and we are lucky to have beautiful weather right now I wanted to make sure we had enough for the kids to do, both inside and outside! We moved our kids trampoline outside, cleaned up the playhouse, got the sand & water table cleaned up, and we picked up a slip & slid then created an awesome slide & slip & slide for the kids! It was such a hit.

slip n slide set up

I had looked in to getting Ariel to come to Peyton’s party and wasn’t sure I wanted to spend more money on that plus a present for her from Jordan and I. When my Father-in-Law & Cristi asked what Peyton wanted I said she really didn’t need anything since she already has sooo many toys. Cristi later texted me asking if they could send Ariel to visit P on her birthday and of course I agreed! We got in contact with Ariel through Enchanting Fairytale Parties . Peyton could not have been more excited!

Ariel told all the kids a story, then did face paint for those who wanted it. Peyton got a pink fishy and pink starfish! Peyton then sat with Ariel and read they read her Little Mermaid book together. She also had to make sure to have her Ariel baby with her, and of course her little mermaid birthday dress! Ariel hung out until it was time for cake and sang Happy Birthday with us before she had to leave. She also gifted Peyton with her own special princess crown.

hugging ariel goodbye

To say Peyton had a fabulous birthday would be an understatement! She loved it and has still been talking about it almost 2 weeks later. The only issue is now she is asking when her 4th birthday is and if Rapunzel can come to that one! HA!

Erin Phillips

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