One Year Later!

Aug, 03, 2017
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“I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen”

– A.A. Milne

…And what an adventure the last year has been.  Today as of 12:51 pm Peyton has been a blessing to us for a whole year.   A year ago I had the best intentions of sharing our experience bringing this spitfire in to the world…but I never got around to it.  What better day to share P’s birth, on her birthday!

Peyton’s Birth

Peyton’s due date was 7/27… since today is 8/3 she obviously did not come as scheduled.  Typical of my daughter… we like to run a little late.  Anyways, on the evening of 8/2 Jordan and I had a check-in time of 8pm so that I could be induced.  We decided to head out for dinner before hand, I for some reason thought that this would be the last time I might eat for 48 hours so we headed to Killer Burger for a realll healthy meal.  In the car on the way to the hospital I was reading through my paperwork and it suggested a “light” dinner… yeah, OKAY (eyeroll).  We headed up to the labor & delivery floor at around 8:30 (as mentioned above, fashionably late = standard).

We hung out in the giant L&D suite for a little while while they got me all checked in and got things prepped to serve our little P an eviction notice.  At around 11 pm they gave me cervidil to coax things along and told me that they would come check on me around 2-3am to see if I needed another dose.  We tried to sleep, they came in probably somewhere in that timeframe and said “nope! you don’t get another dose.  Sorry about that breakfast and shower we said you could have when you woke up… we’re starting pitocin!” I was pretty much asleep for this so I thought whatever and tried to go back to sleep… and that worked… for about an hour and a half.

Then I found out what contractions really were.

Never having had a baby before I had NO idea what contractions felt like.  So, when I felt a real contraction, I felt pretty dumb when I thought that I was maybe having contractions earlier in my labor. HA!

Also – forgot to mention we had hired an L&D doula since I was literally TERRIFIED of giving birth.  I thought I wanted to try a natural birth, mostly because I hate needles and I was scared that the epidural wouldn’t work since they can’t get me completely numb for dental procedures…they’re the same thing right?!

Well – around 4:30 am I called my parents (we had told them to come to the hospital around 9am having no idea how long it would take for me to go in to labor) and told them NOPE 9am is too late, you need to be here at 6:30. kthanksbye.  Next I called our doula, we asked her to show up around the same time, 6/630.  So everyone showed up at the same time!

By the time my mom & Tiffany (our doula) got there I was having serious contractions.  (My dad came with my mom but he just waited in the waiting area).  I had been trying to tough them out at this point because I had heard that you should wait to do some of the pain relieving techniques until later in labor since it will hurt even worse.  That went out the window when they showed up.  I tried walking, I tried the yoga ball, I tried the shower… And at 7am I told Jordan “F this… give me the epidural.”  I did say I didn’t want it until 8 through… not sure the logic there.  The nurse checked me before the epidural and I had gone from 2cm dilated to almost 6cm in less than 4 hours… apparently this is pretty fast, this also made me feel like less of a baby for caving in and throwing in the natural birth towel.

At 8am they came in and gave me the epidural and holy shit, epidurals are life.  WHY did I think I didn’t want this?  Jordan said that I went from “cavewoman grunts, not having said real words for a few hours” to “laughing & joking” within minutes.  Seriously, epidurals are awesome.  My whole right leg did end up going REALLY numb, like extra numb, but I had a mom & a doula so I ended up being pampered for the next 3ish hours.  My mom brushed my hair/rubbed my head, while Tiffany rubbed my feet/numb leg, Jordan got some sleep, & I watched netflix on my phone.  It was seriously great.

Sometime between 11 & 11:30 I told everyone I thought I had to poop.  I had heard that a lot of women think that the baby is coming when really all they have to do is poop, so I decided this is what was happening to me.  WRONG!  Apparently the baby was coming.  WTF?!  There were no doctors in the room yet, no nurses, I kept telling them the baby was going to come and was starting to panic that none of the catchers were here yet!! Tiffany kept reminding me that people have had babies before without doctors in the room, the baby will be coming either way.  That got a big ol’ NOPE from me.  I wanted those people in the room.  I think they were a little surprised because no one seemed quite prepared so it took another 30 mins until everything was in place and they told me to start pushing.

I started pushing at noon, at 12:51 Peyton joined us, sometime in between the pushes I told everyone that I was good at having babies and let Jordan know we could have another one (again, cannot stress how dope epidurals are).  It was nice having a few extra sets of hands in the room because we got some great photos of P’s first moments, some of my favorites below (yes my Dad was there, he asked to be in the room, I told him he had to sit in the corner and not speak since he is a ball of stress, he was allowed to join us above the shoulders once P was born).

And that was that, we were immediately in love. Everyday I don’t think we could love her any more but somehow it happens. She is the best.

I can literally not say enough great things about having a doula.  We hired Tiffany from Birthing Stone Doula if you’re looking for one in the Portland area.  They also have a ton of great resources/classes.  They are seriously amazing.

I definitely got lucky and had an amazing experience, I know that not every woman gets to have an experience like ours.  We have great memories of meeting Peyton and it made me believe I’ll be able to do it again someday.

And now…since it is Peyton’s birthday… we’re off to the beach to celebrate & play for the day!


♥ E


Erin Phillips

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