Peyton’s Princess Room

Apr, 22, 2019

A Room Fit for a Princess

For Christmas 2018 we couldn’t decide what to get Peyton. She already has a lot of toys and we honestly didn’t really want to bring a ton more in to the house that we would inevitably end up cleaning up or stepping on. We agreed that we should give her a new big girl room fit for our little Princess who was obsessed with Princesses! We needed her to move in to a new room anyways since Reagan was due in February, and we wanted to move her in to a big girl bed since she wasn’t sleeping well in her toddler bed.

The walls in most of our house are currently beige (which I hate), so I started out by picking a new paint color. We spent lots of time in home depot and I tested a few paint colors and ideas before landing on a light grey. I toyed with the idea of doing a pink ombrè wall like this one I saw on Pinterest, but I knew I wanted to put up art and I thought that would make it too busy. Plus, I feel like there are more positives to the neutral we picked out. It makes the house easier to re-sell in the future if we ever want to move, and it meant we could use more pops of color in the details as accents, instead of feeling overwhelmed with pink!

We were against putting up any images of the “real” Disney princesses as they appear in the movies. I thought the cartoony look and different animation styles could clash and I would personally get tired of it. On Etsy I was able to find some really cute watercolor versions of the Princesses. Once I found those I envisioned the one long wall in her room with a gallery of princess art on it, and I couldn’t be more happy with how it turned out! I found the “dream” light on sale from RH Baby & Child and knew I wanted to put that above the wall. Thankfully my Dad was able to help me figure out how to get the photos level with each other, something I struggle with.

Once the room was painted and the pictures were hung, Jordan and I replaced the light with a chandelier. Peyton actually picked this out! She didn’t know it was for her room, but she was with me at Home Depot and we were looking at lights. She loved this one and I felt like it was a great idea to use the light she actually liked so she could maybe feel like she picked something… even if she’s only 2 and won’t know any better next year. We decided to splurge and get the colored hue lights to put in the chandelier. We have programmed the lights with different color themes so that Peyton has a theme for all of her favorite princesses or whoever she is playing dress up as today! She loves to ask for her “Belle” lights!

Royal Details

Once the big details in the room were complete we got to start adding the fun details! I found an adorable hook that says “play dress up” and I hung that, as well as a fancy mirror, at toddler height so that she can use both. I also found a cute carriage light at home goods, and my Mom found a sweet castle piggy bank. We ordered an amazing custom name plaque from Vivid Editions that is above her bed now, and last week I decided to hang up all of our Mickey ears on her wall as decor.

The last big detail in her room is her dress up rack. I made this for Peyton last summer and she wasn’t quite ready for it. But putting it in her room for Christmas with a few new dresses was perfect! I love this rack. I actually made it myself and I’m very proud of how it turned out. It also works perfectly to store all of her dresses and we keep some accessories in a little box on the bottom of the rack.

We still need to get her a bed frame and night stand, but she still rolls out of bed sometimes so I feel like I have some time to find the perfect frame and don’t have to rush on that. For now her room is complete, but I’m sure that I will find more small details to add later; but hopefully not until after I complete a few of the other projects in our home (#1 being the play room!).

Erin Phillips

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