Pre-Baby Getaway

Apr, 27, 2016
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Now that I’m back in Portland and the weather has gone from the high-70’s back to rain and clouds I’m really wishing I was still at Terranea Resort where I spent 3 nights with my mom for a pre-baby getaway.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m super obsessed with Hawaii, well this place is now a close second for me.

I mean this was the view from our balcony – so beautiful!Terranea View

Our trip was exactly what I was hoping for, very laidback and extremely relaxing.  We didn’t go in to the week/weekend with a plan which is SUPER unlike me – usually I have at least a general plan of what I would like to do each day… not this trip!  It was actually a very nice change from how I usually travel.

Each morning we woke up, had a small breakfast at the cute little coffee shop on the property called Sea Beans, then took a walk along the ocean where there was so much amazing sea life.  We saw dolphins and whales each day we were there.

The weather while we were there was perfect too, which I was very thankful for since I’m getting a little sick of wearing pants.  I was able to wear super comfy non-maternity dresses that still work for me.  This one is my favorite that I’ve had for years from Victoria’s Secret.

VS Dress

We spent some time each day wandering some shops, we found some good stuff looking through the boutiques on Montana Ave in Santa Monica.  I also came home with a little bag of goodies for the little one – she’s definitely already very spoiled!

The rest of our time was spent relaxing next to the pool, finding cute spots to eat at along the coast, and  watching the sunset.  Sunset at Manhattan Beach

It was so hard to head back to work last week, but it got me excited for some nicer summer weather up here in Portland.  I also now have a backup plan to my October post-baby moon plans if for some reason we don’t end up going to Hawaii, but I will definitely be going back to Terranea either way!

Now that I’m officially out of the second trimester and on to the third you can expect to see a post including all of the wonderful things that have gotten me through the last 13 weeks (literally everything from coffee to Tami-flu).  Plus something on Mother’s day – it’s definitely a different feeling going in to Mother’s day knowing that I’m kind of a Mom now!

And last of course I was really excited to announce that last week I “officially” launched my online boutique – by officially I mean I let people know about it on Instagram and Facebook.  You can check it out though – there is a shop link up at the top of the screen that will take you there!  Or you can click here.

So now I really just need to find about 8 more hours in each day to get all of these extra hobbies/projects done…



Erin Phillips

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