A Rainbow Baby Shower

May, 22, 2018
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Over the weekend I got to help throw one of my wonderful friends a rainbow themed baby shower for her second baby.

Rainbow balloons and baby bump

It was so fun to prep for and it was great to just hang out and catch up with girlfriends.  I really needed some adult/girl/mom time so this was perfect timing for me too!  There are so many amazing ideas on pinterest for Rainbow themed events.  We didn’t go all out since it was a pretty intimate event, but the theme definitely came across and I don’t think it felt too rainbow-y.


Rainbow votive decor

We kept the decor pretty simple like I mentioned above.  Molly, who was the main party planner, got a bunch of adorable books that had rainbows on them or in them and laid them out on a buffet.  I got a few jars of sprinkles and we filled some small votive holders with sprinkles and candles.  I love how it turned out!  So festive.

Rainbow books and votivesRainbow surprise book

I also picked up a bunch of rainbow balloons the morning of the shower which we used as both decor and a cute prop for photos at the end of the shower.

Rainbow balloons

Baby bump photo


Rainbow fruit platter

Molly is an awesome chef and took care of the all of the main foods.  She made these amazing Chicken Street Tacos, guacamole, a black bean corn “salsa” and delicious Strawberry lemonade drink.  She also set out a rainbow themed fruit plate.  Everything was delicious and I took a few extra tacos home for dinner.  They were a huge hit with P & J so I will have to start making them my self.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow layer cake

I was in charge of the cake. some of the decor, and flowers.  I was so excited to make this cake!  I am no fancy baker, but it was so fun to figure out to make a rainbow layered cake.  Thankfully this was a small group, so a small 6″ round 5-layer cake was the perfect size.  I love how it turned out.  I just used a simple french vanilla cake mix (yes, from a box… I have a toddler, I’m not making it from scratch HA!), and then I made my own vanilla buttercream frosting.  I decided to decorate with some rainbow sprinkles, the same ones from the votives, and then we put some nerds around the bottom.

I was a genius and completely forgot to bring the cake stand I had out!  So we improvised and flipped over a porcelain baker and used that as our stand.

Rainbow Cake Close upRainbow Cake + Flowers


Lastly, gifts!  The best part, right?  I wanted to keep with the rainbow theme with the gift I gave, so I grabbed a shirt from an online store that I love.  Strong As A Mother club has a line of products that are decorated in rainbows, and they have children’s clothing items that say Strong as my Mother.  I got a Strong as my Mother rainbow t-shirt for the new baby!  I also grabbed the cutest zebra teether from Infantino.

Strong as my Mother Rainbow T-shirtStrong as a Mother Club also makes mugs and I was so tempted to get a matching rainbow mug for her, but shipping from Canada was expensive… especially for this Amazon Prime addict.  (Helloooo free 2-day shipping!).

Overall, I would say this little shower/sprinkle was a success and we all had fun!  I’ll be sharing how I made that rainbow cake in a post later this week.  What are some other cute baby shower or sprinkle themes?

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Erin Phillips

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