The First 6-Months : 10 Must-Haves

Sep, 05, 2019
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We survived the first 6 months!

Reagan is officially 6 months old! Actually, now she’s actually 7, time is flying by. While I am by no means an expert, I do feel that after having 2 kids I’ve figured out what we really needed. With Peyton we got more baby things than we could ever use; with Reagan, we at least had a baseline of what worked before, and we found some new things that made life with a toddler and an infant way easier!


Here are the 10 things that I absolutely love and have used almost daily with Reagan, if not with both babies! With the exception of my stroller set up, you can find all of my favorite products at the bottom of this list! They are in no particular order, I love them all equally, just like my kids 😉

uppababy vista double


Ok, so I had a million internal battles about whether or not to get a double stroller. I thought Peyton wouldn’t be in it long enough to justify the expense, but I also thought it would make my life easier when I had them both on my own. Well – I finally caved and got one and I can’t believe I waited 2 months to do it! We bought the UppaBaby Vista to replace our Nuna Mixx and I comment weekly on how thankful I am we made the call to get a double. It is so versatile and it’s a life saver when I need to get around with both kids. I can’t sing enough praises. Reagan slept in the bassinet a lot the first few months, now she uses the actual seat or we clip in her car seat. Peyton loves the Rumble Seat and also can ride on the PiggyBack if she is sick of sitting. We also travel with it and bought the travel bag which offers “Travel Safe” – register your product and if it’s damaged in the bag during your flight they will fix or replace your stroller!! Below is the stroller setup that we have:


This is my most frequently given baby shower gift. I got one from 2 awesome co-workers before I had P, and I can say we use it daily up until the girls start rolling or crawling! It’s a great place to put a baby down while you shower or get ready, or just need a break from carrying them around for a few minutes!

boppy infant lounger
Boppy lounger is under her blanket!


I am a super paranoid mom. With P we had a summer infant baby monitor which was great, but I distinctly remember spending more time than I should have zooming in and trying to see if I could see her little tummy moving to make sure she was breathing. Well, the cocoon camera has a breathing monitor which has been great to ease my anxiety! It isn’t a wearable like the Owlet, which I just didn’t want to hassle with. You just have to make sure that you install and position the camera correctly and it gives you the breathing rate in real time! It also sends alerts on if your baby is crying or waking up, which it tells you based on the amount of movement picked up. I honestly love it.


Peyton hated being worn, something I vowed to change with Reagan. I tried the Solly wrap and I just never felt like I tied it well enough to be secure. I have the Ergo360, and I like that one, but I like it more now that Reagan is older and bigger, I hated trying to use the infant insert when she was a newborn. So, I was thrilled when I found the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Mini! You can use it from 7lbs with no additional pieces, the front clips up to support the newborn’s head and neck. It is SO easy to put on and easy to adjust depending on which parent is using it. Jordan and I both love it if you can’t tell….


The Nuna Pipa is the car seat we had with Peyton, and we broke it back out with Reagan. It’s been a great car seat for us. It seems a little larger than some infant car seats and it’s definitely a tight fit in certain cars, but it works great in ours! We have a base in both of our cars and the seat easily just clips in and out as needed. Reagan is getting close to being ready for a rear-facing seat and I am going to be a little sad to put away her infant seat.


We got this high chair for Peyton’s first Christmas (because what do you get a 1 year old?!). It is so great! It’s usable from birth through like 5 years. The seat tilts back to lay flat so you can secure an infant in it, and then it can become a chair when your kids no longer need the straps or tray! It’s also really easy to clean. The soft seat insert comes out for easy cleaning, and the tray comes apart, with the top part able to go in the dishwasher. It’s a great place for us to feed the babies, but it’s also great for when I need to set Reagan down and do something in the kitchen – I just plop some toys on there for her and she plays.

Oribel Cocoon High Chair


This should probably just say super soft stuffed animals… Jelly Cats are my other favorites. But Reagan loves her fox Slumberkin. She will snuggle it as she falls asleep for naps, and she loves to suck on the little hands and feet. The refuses binkies and instead prefers to chew/suck on soft parts of toys or stuffed animals.

Slumberkins Silken Fox


Baby clothes are adorable, cute little sun dresses, teeny tiny leggings, what’s not to love?! How about trying to wiggle them in to those clothes? For at least the first 6 months with both girls we chose to take the path of least resistance and put them in onsies all the time. It helps that I worked at Hanna Andersson and was able to stock up on some quality baby clothing, I’m particularly obsessed with their Pima products. My other favorite super soft onsies are made by Kickee Pants, Kyte Baby, and my #1 favorite is the Nordstrom Baby products! I am so obsessed with their ribbed footed onsie that I have bought one in every size from newborn to 9m. Here is a little fashion show of Reagan’s footie jammies:


I currently have 3 diaper bags loaded up and ready to go under our entry table. I may have a slight obsession, but each of the different bags I own serves a different purpose! All 3 are actually from Freshly Picked. I have the Original FP Diaper Backpack in black that I use when I need to bring a lot with me, I’m traveling, or I will be out of the house with both girls all day. The second is the FP Mini Backpack in gold – this one I use as Reagan’s bag for when she goes in to the Kids Club at our gym. I load it with diapers wipes and a bottle and she’s set! I also use it for short errands and when I will just be out with Reagan for a couple hours. The last on is the FP Crossbody – this one is a new addition! I bought this for our travels to Europe to keep things more secure and help us travel fairly light. If you’re wondering what essentials you should have in your diaper bag you can find my recommendations here!


Any child seat/rocker/bouncer would do, but I personally prefer the Baby Bjorn. We chose this one over the 4moms MamaRoo because I liked that it was lightweight, more mobile and didn’t have a motor. The babies bounce them selves as they move! It also folds flat, so it’s easy to bring with us if we go to Sunriver or to the Grandparents house. We actually found a MamaRoo at a garage sale last summer for a steal, but Reagan gets bored/upset after only like 5-10 minutes! But we were able to keep her entertained in the Bjorn for longer periods of time when needed.

Baby Bjorn

There you have it! I will make sure I always have these 10 things on hand if we ever have another baby (unlikely) since they are such life savers!

Hopefully this helps new moms who may be overwhelmed with all of the baby products out there!

Other veteran moms – did I miss anything you couldn’t live without for the first 6 months?

Erin Phillips

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