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Apr, 15, 2016
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Happy Spring!

Last weekend I was insanely busy with a wedding rehearsal and wedding coordination all day on Saturday.  It was an amazing spring day to get married though!  Jordan was in Seattle all weekend for lacrosse too so being busy made the weekend go by faster.  Speaking of weddings, 2 weekends ago we had another crazy busy but fun filled weekend!

Our weekend started early on Friday with the celebration of a close family friends wedding.  It was an amazing April day, especially for Oregon, and the wedding was so perfect.  I got to see so many people I haven’t seen in such a long time, and it’s the first time I had seen most of them since I’ve been pregnant.  The wedding was perfect and really sweet with the grooms sister & brother-in-law officiating.  The receptions was really fun, but we didn’t end up staying very long since I had just gotten home from Pittsburgh the night before (which included an exciting sprint through the Detroit airport to make the last flight to Portland).

I do love the things people say to you when you’re pregnant, and I’m still not sure how to respond to a lot of it.   I felt like a dork telling someone that I it seems “like she’s getting bigger every week” – obviously – that’s kind of how it’s supposed to work.  If that wasn’t happening I think you’re supposed to worry…
Saturday we spent a lot of the day working around our house with the big project being move our office from a tiny room downstairs to an upstairs room that we have been using as storage.  I think this will help a lot once the little one is here since we won’t be so far from her.  I also love that Jordan’s idea for our old office room is to transform it in to a mud room.  Both rooms, and the nursery are still all “works in progress” but once we have everything moved, painted, built, wallpapered etc. I’ll share the final result (as well as some really sad before pictures) once it’s all complete.Sunday was the day before Jordan’s big 3-0 birthday and a friends baby shower.

I headed over to my parents house in the afternoon since the baby shower was at their neighbors house.  The shower was so sweet and the food was seriously amazing.

2 preggo ladies
2 prego ladies

This weekend I’m heading down to Southern California with my mama for a nice, relaxing getaway.  I’m hoping to have a fun recap of that up next week, plus a really exciting new project that will hopefully be officially ready to launch when I get back.

In the meantime here’s what I wore to the wedding and shower – all very comfortable for the nice summer like weather and 6 month pregnant lady friendly 🙂



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