Apr, 23, 2018

Happy Monday!  I’m so sad our weekend is over…

We had such an amazing time in Central Oregon that it was hard to come home.  Last week after talking about it on and off for a few months my friend Jane & I decided we wanted to sign up for a race in Bend.  She signed up for the half marathon and I signed up for the 10k… which was optimistic since my training hasn’t been high on my priorities the last few months.  Oops.  It was such a great weekend though!

We left Friday afternoon, after Jordan got home from work.  We grabbed coffee, medicine for our puppy Cooper, gas, then picked up P from daycare and hit the road… almost an hour after we started.  It takes so long to do things with kids.  We stopped in Salem for Dinner since P was getting hangry and was ready for bed!  Overall the rest of our drive was really uneventful… we got to our condo in Sunriver after 10 and went right to bed.


Saturday we woke up and walked to Sunriver village.  It is one of my favorite things to do whenever we visit, regardless of the season!  I love walking in to the village, getting donuts and breakfast sandwiches at Hot Lava Bakery, then coffee at Brewed Awakenings, and heading back to the condo to relax.  We forgot Peyton’s binky on the walk, but luckily there is a great kids shop in the village so I got her a new one, otherwise she would have been screaming for her “Ba Ba” the whole walk home.

When we got back to our place it was already time for P’s nap, and Jordan decided to join her; so I spend some time online shopping and writing a new blog post (this one 🙂 ).  Once everyone woke up we went in to the Village again to meet Jane for lunch at Sunriver Brewing.  It is honestly such a great place to go with kids!  We sat at a bar top table and they had high chairs that worked for that height, and they had a great area for kids to play with a kitchen, books, puzzles, toys, you name it!!

After lunch we headed in to Bend with Jane to pick up our packets and wander downtown for a little bit to get some of Peyton’s energy out.  Also… Jordan and I both somehow forgot any respectable pants (I only brought 1 pair of leggings that I wore on the drive and my running tights, and he only brought sweats), so we went on a mission to find a new pair of pants.  I bought what are already my new favorite pair of jeans from AGOLDE and Jordan got some pants from Patagonia.

Once we finished up in Bend, we stopped at Fort Rock Park in Sunriver for P to get some playground time.  Fort Rock Park is huge and they have a crazy playground which was super fun.  Peyton spent a lot of time stacking rocks on the slide… whatever makes them happy I guess?

We ordered pizza for dinner because the night before a race is a great excuse for lots of carbs!  Then took another quick walk back to the village for ice cream from Goody’s, and P threw a fit since I wouldn’t let her eat the whole “kids” bowl we got her, which was freaking huge!  We headed back to the condo eating our ice cream and freezing… and once P was asleep Jane and I played the Super Nintendo I got Jordan for Christmas – it comes loaded with like 20 classic games and is super compact.  All I can say is Super Mario is so much harder than any of us remembered!

Race Day

After realizing the races started at 830am & 9am, instead of 730am & 8am like we originally thought, we decided we didn’t need to leave the condo until 745am…such a nice change from so many early race times!  We also had time to grab coffee on the way in to town..  Jane decided to switch distances and run the 10k with me so we weren’t in any rush.  We got to the starting line in time to see the 2nd wave of half marathon runners head out, and we had a little time to warm up…which we didn’t do much of.  Peyton loved watching the runners take off, and once they were gone she repeatedly made Jordan and I line up with her, countdown, yell “Go!” and run down the street with her.

The 10k Start was on the other side of the alley which we are so lucky we found out when we did a quick bathroom run!  We totally would have missed our start.  It was seriously the most gorgeous day, we got so lucky!!  3 years ago we ran the half marathon here and it was awful; we had to go to the Columbia and Nike outlets to get warmer running gear since it was sleeting and snowing the day before the race!  Anyways, the sun was shining and after a few miles Jane and I both wished we would have run in tanks only.  We finished in 1:01:35 which is a PR for me from my last 10k 3 years ago.  It wasn’t the time I wanted, I was shooting for sub 1 hour, but considering the elevation change I was ok with it.  Plus, seeing P and Jordan clapping at the finish line was amazing!  We hung around the finish at Mirror Pond for a little bit while we recovered, Peyton made friends with puppies, and we snapped post-race photos.

On our way back to Sunriver we stopped at The Sparrow Bakery for some delicious pastries and the best vanilla bean latte I’ve ever had.  I’m craving one right now!

 And that was pretty much our weekend!  We headed back to the condo, cleaned up, then hit some Mexican food for lunch on the way out of town.  It was seriously the best.  I can’t wait to go back and enjoy more of the sunshine this summer ♥

If you’re planning a trip to Sunriver you should consider booking our family condo.  The kitchen and both bottoms have been remodeled recently, you get all the amenities of the resort, and it is so cozy and home-y.  You can check it out and book it here: 72 Meadow House

To top off our weekend we came home to our backyard landscaping complete and a few days of 80° weather in Portland which is like a cherry on top of this great weekend!  I’ll share our new backyard this since we will no doubt be testing it out.

Erin Phillips

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  1. Kelly

    April 23, 2018

    So glad for the pics. P is sure growing fast. Congrats on the run.

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